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We are a team of Registered Massage Therapists and Chiropractor who work together to provide safe and effective treatments for our clients.

Our focus is on using manual therapy to help your body rest, heal and recover. Our treatments are all customized to be effective for your needs. It can be a session focused on post workout soreness where we want to increase circulation and flush out toxins in the body. Or a session focused on alleviating pain symptoms from headaches and migraines.


Our experienced therapists have many different hands-on approaches to your treatment. 



Brandon Besharah

Brandon believes providing an effective treatment plan begins with intent listening in combination with evidence based knowledge.

He is a graduate from the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. Surviving a serious neck injury led him towards a passion for treating cervical and neurological disorders with continued education in TMJ dysfunction.

Although versed and experienced in various styles of massage, Brandon enjoys providing Deep Tissue, Dynamic and Rhythmic treatments best suited to help towards the repair of sport and repetitive strain injuries. He has several years experience working in palliative care, and as a professional musician provides treatments specific to arts injury.


To further his education, Brandon has studied Reflexology and Cupping Therapy. Continued education both in learning and teaching is a joyful priority of his.

Shinichi (Eddie) Enomoto

Eddie graduated from the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2014. He is passionate about helping to relieve the pain and stress of his clients with specialized massage techniques such as trigger point work, deep tissue massage, stretching and myofascial work. He likes to focus on therapeutic massage to correct postural deviations and muscular imbalance, as well as educating his clients to provide self-care.


He also studied Reflexology and as a certified Reflexology practitioner, he holistically approaches a sense of well-being and deep relaxation.

June Ng

June graduated in 2016, and has practiced Massage Therapy in various environments, such as Chiropractic and Physical Therapy clinics, Massage Therapy clinics, and Spas, to treat a variety groups of clients who have different active level of lifestyles. She also has experience in treating MVA patients.


She has varied treatment styles to meet with the conditions and preference of clients. Her treatment styles include, but not limited to, deep tissue, relaxation and therapeutic massages.


She has a passion for Massage Therapy with aspirations to help people optimize their health and wellness.

Ayako Moldenhauer

Ayako graduated from the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2017 and holds special interest in lower back pain, headache, frozen shoulder and pre & post-natal treatment. She has experience treating various conditions including neurological disorders, high-risk pregnancies as well as post-surgical and palliative cancer patients.


She was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to Canada in 2000 where she completed her BFA. She is fluent in both Japanese and English languages, enjoys playing tennis, gardening and watching films in her spare time.

Maria Palchuk

Maria graduated from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 2013. She appreciates giving massages because of the focused attention and intent that’s involved in the one-on-one interaction with a client.


Maria incorporates a variety of Swedish massage techniques into her practice as well as deep tissue treatment, myofascial release, manual lymph drainage and the back to basics relaxation massage.


She has completed a course to enhance her skills in pregnancy massage, and in turn have had the privilege to treat many clients during their pregnancy. She has seen the positive results that massage provides for the ever changing and increasing physical demands.


Maria is delighted to work with you and look forward to contributing to your better health and wellness!

Derek Chow 

Derek graduated from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2016. He has experience working in various clinical, hospital and fitness settings. He has a background in personal training and enjoys seeing his clients improve their health and well-being. Derek treatments can range from relaxation to deep tissue massage. He also has an interest and experience with treating scar tissue, TMJ pain, lymphatic drainage, headaches and chronic pain. 

Etsuko Shibamoto

Etsuko graduated from Canadian College Of Massage & Hydrotherapy (CCMH) in Toronto. She uses Swedish massage techniques and fascial work in her treatments. A friendly person who easily builds therapeutic rapport with clients. Fun Fact: Etsuko rhymes with “let’s go!”

She also provides an oil free, clothes on massage treatment. This approach allows her to apply a more dynamic variety of techniques such as: myofascial release, muscle compression and squeeze, joint range of motion, muscle energy, and others. Every treatment is different because every person and their condition is unique.

Natalia Osorio Vergara

Natalia is licentiate in Medicine and a Massage Therapist graduated from Humber College and registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

She is committed to providing her patients with the best care needed, believing that massage therapy can help minimize pain and reach a higher level of wellness and health. Natalia commonly treats issues affecting the neck, shoulders and back.

Specialty Interests: Trigger Point Therapy - Deep Tissue Massage - Myofascial Release - Sports Massage - Tissue Manipulation (Lower Limbs) - Tissue Manipulation (Cervical Area)

Colin Edwards

Colin graduated in 2016 and with a background in acting and martial arts has focused his practice on the maintenance of a supple body, mind and spirit.

Clients are encouraged to be active in their own care and to use massage as a vital part of a total health picture.


He has treated a wide variety of conditions ranging from plantar-fasciitis to pregnancy to tension headaches.

Lester Chow

Lester graduated from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy in 2007. He enjoys providing massage therapy ranging from relaxation to deep tissue treatments. He has experience in working in various clinical settings with an interest in treating chronic pain such as headaches and migraines.



Dr. Samuel WS Tang

Dr. Samuel WS Tang, DC, BSc. is a chiropractor who completed his undergraduate in Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary and his doctorate of chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College.

His chiropractic methods include diversified, Active Release Technique (ART), KT taping, Graston and Activator Methods. He has experience working with a diverse range of patient populations including athletes, office workers, geriatric patients, family care with maternity and children, immigrant populations, as well as with low income and homeless shelters.


Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists are here to provide an effective treatment for you. Let us know how we can help you today!     


Dr. Samuel Tang will be accepting new patients as well as continuing his care for his existing patients. 



15 Wellesley Street West Suite 220

Toronto, On. M4Y 0G7

Tel: 416-613-8880

Monday-Friday: 9am -7pm

Sat-Sun: 10am -5pm

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